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After its sa­le la­st May, Otam re­vea­led the de­si­gn of the new 85GTS. This is a One Off de­si­gned spe­ci­fi­cal­ly by Jo­se­ph Di­rand for a client that fell in lo­ve wi­th the Otam 80 at la­st year’s Can­nes Show but wan­ted a slightly less ag­gres­si­ve ta­ke. That means that the gull­wing aper­tu­res ha­ve va­ni­shed but the slee­kly spor­ty li­nes and bli­ste­ring per­for­man­ce fi­gu­res that are the mar­que’s si­gna­tu­re re­main.

As this craft is in­ten­ded to be a day boat for the ow­ner to use pri­va­te­ly in sum­mer, the Otam 85GTS has ju­st two qui­te enor­mous ca­bins and lo­ts of al fre­sco loun­ging spa­ce. Asi­de from the full-beam ma­ster amid­ships, the­re is al­so a ni­ce VIP in the bow.

The Otam 85GTS de­li­vers a ma­xi­mum speed of 45 kno­ts and a crui­sing one of 38. De­li­ve­ry has been pen­cil­led in for Ju­ne 2019.

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