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Po­te­te por­ta­re dal­la vo­stra par­te le per­so­ne giu­ste. In gra­do di of­frir­vi drit­te, re­fe­ren­ze, op­por­tu­ni­tà giu­ste. In­som­ma, you can spacc the po­ste­rior at the pas­sers. Ave­te pu­re idee ori­gi­na­li, rea­liz­za­bi­li e de­sti­na­te a con­fe­rir­vi lu­stris­si­mo. For­ni­ca­zio­ne da ma­nua­le. Tal­vol­ta an­che ma­nua­le e ba­sta. Lo­ve­ly co­mun­que.

23.07 – 23.08

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