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VOGUE Accessori - - ON THE COVER -

Vo­gue Ac­ces­so­ry af­fron­ta l’in­ver­no “in­ve­sten­do” sul­la ma­no mor­bi­da del vel­lu­to e l’effetto nu­vo­la del­la fa­ke fur, sul ca­lo­re del­la pa­let­te se­na­pe e sul­la pre­zio­si­tà di quel­la ra­me, sul­la vi­va­ci­tà del ros­so ac­ce­so e sul­la tran­quil­li­tà del ver­de sal­via. Gli ac­ces­so­ri – bor­se e scar­pe, gio­iel­li e bi­joux, orologi e oc­chia­li – so­no chia­ma­ti a gio­ca­re il lo­ro ruo­lo, mo­stran- do­si at­tra­ver­so le im­ma­gi­ni e sve­lan­do­si gra­zie a in­ter­vi­ste e pro­fi­li mo­no­gra­fi­ci. Mi­nau­diè­re di me­tal­lo do­ra­to e smal­to co­lo­ra­to. Dior. Sty­li­st Fa­bio Mes­sa­na. Pho­to Ful­vio Bo­na­via.

Vo­gue Ac­ces­so­ry ta­kes on the win­ter by re­ly­ing on the soft­ness of vel­vet and the cloud­li­ke ef­fect of fa­ke fur; the warm­th of the mu­stard pa­let­te and the pre­ciou­sness of that of­fe­red by cop­per; the li­ve­li­ness of bright red and the tran­qui­li­ty of sa­ge green. Ac­ces­so­ries – bags, shoes, jewels, bi­joux, wat­ches, glas­ses – are ex­pec­ted to play their ro­les, sho­wing off in ima­ges and re­vea­ling so­me­thing about them­sel­ves in in­ter­views and pro­fi­les. Mi­nau­diè­re in gol­den me­tal and colorful ena­mel. Dior.

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