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Il nu­de look con­qui­sta gli ac­ces­so­ri in una sta­gio­ne, quel­la au­tun­na­le, che do­vreb­be in­vo­glia­re a co­prir­si. Com­pli­ci tut­te le de­cli­na­zio­ni “in­dos­sa­bi­li” di pla­sti­ca, ple­xi e pvc tra­spa­ren­ti, seb­be­ne qual­che vol­ta co­lo­ra­ti, bor­se e scar­pe, oro­lo­gi e bi­joux cam­bia­no pel­le, di­ven­tan­do “stru­men­ti” di se­du­zio­ne. Il gioco del ve­do-non ve­do è quan­to­mai in­tri­gan­te, for­se pro­prio per­ché fuo­ri fa fred­do. M.C.

The nu­de look is win­ning over ac­ces­so­ries in a sea­son-au­tumn­that should ac­tual­ly ma­ke peo­ple want to co­ver up. All of the “wea­ra­ble” forms of trans­pa­rent pla­stic, Ple­xi­glas and PVC get in on the act (even when co­lo­red). Bags, shoes, wat­ches and bi­joux chan­ge their look, be­co­ming “wea­pons” of se­duc­tion. The pee­ka­boo ef­fect is mo­re in­tri­guing than ever, pe­rhaps pre­ci­se­ly be­cau­se it’s cold ou­tsi­de.

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