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MODERNITÀ fa ri­ma con scom­po­ni­bi­li­tà. Liu·Jo e la bor­sa dal­la doppia ve­ste

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Per as­se­con­da­re l’esi­gen­za con­tem­po­ra­nea di ave­re una bor­sa dal­le mol­te­pli­ci per­so­na­li­tà, Liu Jo ha lan­cia­to la cap­su­le · “Two sto­ries, ju­st one bag”. Il mo­del­lo di pun­ta è una car­tel­la po­li­fun­zio­na­le rea­liz­za­ta in un ma­te­ria­le ef­fet­to goa­tskin, ma so­prat­tut­to pen­sa­ta per pas­sa­re, in un col­po so­lo, da un look all’al­tro. In­fat­ti, può es­se­re “ve­sti­ta” con due pat­te dal­le fan­ta­sie e dai ma­te­ria­li di­ver­si – mo­no­co­lo­re, ma­cu­la­ta o ani­ma­lier, ma­tel­las­sé, sca­mo­scia­ta o eco­fur – fa­cil­men­te ri­mo­vi­bi­li gra­zie a una pra­ti­ca zip. An­che ma­ni­ci e tra­col­la so­no in­ter­cam­bia­bi­li at­tra­ver­so mo­schet­to­ni apri­bi­li. De­cli­na­ta in due mi­su­re – small, per­fet­ta dal­le 6 p.m. fi­no al­la se­ra, e me­dium, per co­pri­re tut­to l’ar­co del­la giornata la­vo­ra­ti­va e non – è già de­sti­na­ta a di­ven­ta­re ico­ni­ca.

To meet the con­tem­po­ra­ry need for a bag wi­th mul­ti­ple per­so­na­li­ties, Liu·Jo has laun­ched the “Two sto­ries, ju­st one bag” cap­su­le col­lec­tion. The main mo­del is a mul­ti­func­tio­nal hand­bag ma­de in a ma­te­rial wi­th a goa­tskin ef­fect. The mo­st im­por­tant aspect is that it’s meant to of­fer two looks wi­th one quick-chan­ge me­cha­ni­sm. In fact, it can be “dres­sed up” wi­th two dif­fe­rent flaps in va­rious pat­terns – in so­lid co­lors or spot­ted, ma­tel­las­sé or sue­de, ani­mal print or eco fur – that can be ea­si­ly re­mo­ved via a prac­ti­cal zip­per. Hand­les and shoul­der straps can al­so be chan­ged via a snap hook. Avai­la­ble in two si­zes – small, whi­ch is per­fect from 6 p.m. in­to the eve­ning, and me­dium, whi­ch is great for the en­ti­re work (or non-work) day – it is de­sti­ned to be­co­me an icon.

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