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Non chia­ma­te­li più pois. Per la com­pu­ter gra­fi­ca so­no pi­xel. E an­che per la moda, che li re­cu­pe­ra dal­lo scher­mo del pc per po­sar­li sul­le su­per­fi­ci in­ton­se di bor­se squa­dra­te e sa­bot sa­go­ma­ti. Nei brac­cia­li, in­ve­ce, di­ven­ta­no pun­ti lu­ce pre­zio­si. Non han­no di­men­sio­ni in­fi­ni­te­si­ma­li, ma spa­zia­no dal mi­ni al ma­xi, mol­ti­pli­ca­ti con rit­mo os­ses­si­vo in una se­ria­li­tà qua­si ma­nia­ca­le. M.C.

Don’t call them do­ts. In the world of com­pu­ter gra­phics, they are pi­xels. This goes for fa­shion as well, whi­ch ta­kes them straight from the PC screen and pla­ces them on the pri­sti­ne sur­fa­ces of squa­re bags and sculp­ted sa­bo­ts. On bra­ce­le­ts, they are pre­cious bea­cons of light. They aren’t mi­cro­sco­pic—they go from small to lar­ge, mul­ti­plied over and over again al­mo­st ob­ses­si­ve­ly.




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