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“Cha­gall. So­gno di una not­te d’esta­te”, Mu­seo del­la Per­ma­nen­te, Mi­la­no, 13/10-28/01

Un’ispi­ra­zio­ne “al­la Ro­th­ko”, pre­cur­so­re dei pit­to­ri co­lor field: gran­di spa­zi di mil­le ros­si si so­vrap­pon­go­no. O for­se una rie­di­zio­ne del­la Pop Art: geo­me­trie de­ci­se si rin­cor­ro­no sen­za so­sta. An­zi no. Un’in­ter­pre­ta­zio­ne dell’im­pres­sio­ni­smo di Mo­net: un cam­po di fio­ri che tra­smet­te ro­man­ti­ci­smo. L’ar­te rom­pe le ri­ghe e di­ven­ta ma­te­ria dal­la qua­le par­ti­re per di­se­gna­re gli ac­ces­so­ri. Pic­co­li ca­po­la­vo­ri da in­dos­sa­re sen­za (trop­pe) re­go­le este­ti­che. M.C.

In­spi­red by Ro­th­ko, the pio­neer of pain­ting wi­th co­lor fields: lar­ge blocks of a thou­sand sha­des of red over­lap. Or pe­rhaps a Pop Art re­vi­val: clear­cut geo­me­tric sha­pes end­les­sly cha­se one ano­ther. Ac­tual­ly, no. An in­ter­pre­ta­tion of Mo­net’s Im­pres­sio­ni­sm: a field of flo­wers con­veys ro­man­ti­ci­sm. Art breaks th­rou­gh and be­co­mes a star­ting point for de­si­gning ac­ces­so­ries. Lit­tle ma­ster­pie­ces to wear wi­thout (ma­ny) ae­sthe­tic ru­les.

Mir­ta Bi­joux

Fabio Ru­sco­ni

HMDLAB Hy­brid Mi­lan De­si­gn La­bo­ra­to­ry

Ju­st Ca­val­li

Pa­tri­zia Pe­pe

Guess 1981


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