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Le don­ne più ric­che e po­ten­ti del mon­do – ere­di­tie­re e bu­si­ness wo­men, ai ver­ti­ci del­le hit 2017 sti­la­te da For­bes – van­no in ro­sa. Non una to­na­li­tà qua­lun­que, ma quel­la più ac­ce­sa, vi­sto­sa, ca­pric­cio­sa: shoc­king. Un bi­gliet­to da vi­si­ta ca­ta­liz­za­to­re di sguar­di e for­tu­ne: lo sce­glie la bion­da e po­ten­tis­si­ma Ma­ris­sa Mayer (ex CEO Ya­hoo), lo sfog­gia in tra­sfer­ta She­ryl Sand­berg, ag­guer­ri­to di­ret­to­re ope­ra­ti­vo di Fa­ce­book, non ci ri­nun­cia Ma­da­me Bet­ten­court, la don­na più ric­ca al mon­do, fi­glia del fon­da­to­re di un co­los­so del beau­ty. Re­le­ga­to in sof­fit­ta l’ef­fet­to “Bar­bie girl”, il guar­da­ro­ba pun­ta su tail­leur e mi­ni dress con ta­sche, da esi­bi­re con di­sin­vol­ta de­ter­mi­na­zio­ne e au­da­ce non­cha­lan­ce. Inap­pel­la­bi­li, gli ac­ces­so­ri: dai san­da­li a pun­ta con tac­co scul­tu­ra a con­tra­sto o de­co­ra­ti da una ca­sca­ta

Royal in Pink: con pi­glio mo­der­no, lo sfog­gia­no Ka­te Midd­le­ton e Le­ti­zia di Spa­gna

di fran­ge to­no su to­no, al­le mi­ni clut­ch tem­pe­sta­te di ab­ba­glian­ti ri­ver­be­ri. Gli anel­li si­bi­la­no, pre­zio­sis­si­mi, per man­te­ne­re sal­di ran­king e po­si­zio­ni. V.P.

The ri­che­st and mo­st po­wer­ful wo­men in the world — hei­res­ses and bu­si­nes­swo­men at the top of For­bes’ 2017 li­st—go for pink. Not any old sha­de, but the brighte­st, mo­st osten­ta­tious, ca­pri­cious and un­de­nia­bly shoc­king va­rie­ty. A cal­ling card that gar­ners glan­ces and for­tu­nes: a cho­sen nuan­ce for the blon­de and po­wer­ful Ma­ris­sa Mayer (ex CEO of Ya­hoo), whi­le She­ryl

Sand­berg, the un­stop­pa­ble COO of Fa­ce­book, wears it on the go, and Ma­da­me Bet­ten­court, the ri­che­st wo­man in the world who is the daughter of the foun­der of an im­por­tant beau­ty giant, can’t do wi­thout it. Its “Bar­bie Girl” ef­fect has been do­ne away. Now the fo­cus is on sui­ts and mi­ni dres­ses wi­th poc­ke­ts, to be worn wi­th ca­re­free de­ter­mi­na­tion and bold non­cha­lan­ce. Ac­ces­so­ries get in li­ne: from poin­ty­toe mo­dels wi­th sculp­tu­ral heels (con­tra­sting or de­co­ra­ted wi­th a ca­sca­de of ton­sur­ton frin­ge) to mi­ni clut­ches stud­ded wi­th spar­kling re­flec­tions. Rings? They are full of flou­ri­shes so to stay at the top of the charts!

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