Una tem­pe­sta di bor­chie mi­cro o for­ma­to XL, una ca­sca­ta di fran­ge: so­no i leit­mo­tifs del­la col­le­zio­ne Gio Cel­li­ni AI 2017-18. Il mood rie­la­bo­ra in nuo­vi co­di­ci mo­ti­vi pre­si in pre­sti­to da epo­che lon­ta­ne, car­to­li­ne dai Set­tan­ta o sug­ge­stio­ni glam-rock. Tut­to a co­lo­ri. Qua­li i to­ni? Ne­ro, bor­deaux, an­tra­ci­te, ghiac­cio, bron­zo e per­fi­no ar­gen­to. Ec­co quin­di sfi­la­re una pro­po­sta am­pia e ac­cat­ti­van­te di bags dal look for­te e su­per cool. Tra gio­chi di pro­por­zio­ni e pro­fi­li a con­tra­sto, due so­no gli as­si nel­la ma­ni­ca del­la col­le­zio­ne: una po­chet­te, in ne­ro o ar­gen­to, dall’ani­mo me­tal re­sa uni­ca dal­la pos­si­bi­li­tà di ag­giun­ge­re le pro­prie ini­zia­li, e uno zai­no con fran­ge con oc­chiel­li che è il must-ha­ve di sta­gio­ne. Ma non so­lo: sti­va­li, bi­kers, te­xa­ni, fran­ce­si­ne; e an­co­ra snea­kers e dé­col­le­té con tac­chi e to­ma­ia mi­cro­bor­chia­ti. A tou­ch of spar­kle. A riot of mi­cro­sco­pic or ex­tra-lar­ge studs and a ca­sca­de of frin­ge.The­se are the the­mes of the FW 2017-18 Gio Cel­li­ni col­lec­tion. The­re is a who­le new mood thanks to the bor­ro­wing of mo­tifs from far-off eras, post­cards from the 1970s or glam rock in­spi­ra­tions. All in co­lor. Whi­ch hues? Black, bor­deaux, an­th­ra­ci­te, ice, bron­ze and even sil­ver. So it’s a pa­ra­de of cap­ti­va­ting bags wi­th a po­wer­ful, su­per cool look. From an in­ter­play of pro­por­tions to con­tra­sting trim, two pie­ces in the col­lec­tion tru­ly stand out. The­re’s a clut­ch in black or sil­ver wi­th a me­tal “soul;” what ma­kes it uni­que is the pos­si­bi­li­ty to add one’s ini­tials.Then the­re’s a bac­k­pack wi­th frin­ges and eye­le­ts that is the sea­son’s must-ha­ve pie­ce. But that’s not all. The­re are bi­ker boo­ts, co­w­boy boo­ts, boo­ties, snea­kers and pumps wi­th heels and up­pers fea­tu­ring ti­ny studs. A tou­ch of spar­kle. gio­cel­li­

Le tue ini­zia­li, il tuo sti­le, la tua ani­ma, la tua bor­sa. Uni­ca e per­so­na­le, in ne­ro o ar­gen­to, per non pas­sa­re mai in­nos­ser­va­ta. Un’idea per cu­sto­miz­za­re la bor­sa e ren­der­la to­tal­men­te tua. Sce­gli le let­te­re, com­po­ni le tue in­zia­li, ana­gram­ma le...

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