Cy­ber-ex­hi­bi­tion: “Hu­man + The Fu­tu­re of Our Spe­cies” fi­no al 15/10 a Marina Bay Sands, Sin­ga­po­re


Los An­ge­les in­ha­bi­ted by Ryan Go­sling, Ja­red Le­to, Har­ri­son Ford and Ro­bin Wright, the stel­lar ca­st of Bla­de Run­ner

2049 (in thea­ters this fall). A se­quel to the ac­clai­med cult film di­rec­ted by Rid­ley Scott in 1982— even the au­tum­nal ci­ty se­ts fo­cus on the flee­ting con­fi­nes of the dark end of the co­lor spec­trum, doing away wi­th ana­chro­ni­stic ta­boos. Thus black fa­des in­to blue. The ac­ces­so­ries, sce­ne-stea­ling spe­cial ef­fec­ts, put the fo­cus on two-to­ne over­si­zed bags in geo­me­tric sha­pes and sub­tle fe­li­ne fra­med glas­ses wi­th smo­ky len­ses. To rein­for­ce the concept, the­re are an­kle boo­ts in high-te­ch ma­te­rials!


Ro­ber­ta Pie­ri

De­ma­nu­mea Jog Dog

Louis Vuit­ton

Alain Mi­kli

Man­fre­di Ma­na­ra

Et­nia Bar­ce­lo­na

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