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Li­nee drit­te e cur­ve in­se­guo­no qua­dra­ti e cer­chi, esa­go­ni e trian­go­li, pa­ral­le­le­pi­pe­di e sfe­re: gli ele­men­ti ico­ni­ci dell’uni­ver­so geo­me­tri­co di Car­men Her­re­ra, ar­ti­sta ul­tra­cen­te­na­ria di ori­gi­ni cu­ba­ne, sem­bra­no aver ispi­ra­to i di­se­gni al trat­to da cui na­sco­no ac­ces­so­ri fuo­ri dal­le ri­ghe. Nei qua­li l’ele­men­to de­co­ra­ti­vo di­ven­ta la si­lhouet­te, frut­to di un gio­co di af­fian­ca­men­ti, so­vrap­po­si­zio­ni, in­ca­stri. M.C.

Cur­ves and straight li­nes fol­low squa­res, cir­cles, he­xa­gons, trian­gles, pa­ral­le­le­pi­peds, sphe­res. The­se are the ele­men­ts in the geo­me­tric uni­ver­se of Car­men Her­re­ra – a Cu­ban-Ame­ri­can ar­ti­st who is over 100 years old – that seem to ha­ve in­spi­red de­si­gns that ha­ve led to unu­sual ac­ces­so­ries. The de­co­ra­ti­ve ele­ment of the­se ac­ces­so­ries be­co­mes their si­lhouet­te, whi­ch re­sul­ts from pai­ring, over­lap­ping and do­ve­tai­ling ele­men­ts. Ar­thur Ar­bes­ser

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