Cla­sp... CLA­SP!


Uti­le e fu­ti­le, al­lo stes­so tem­po. Co­sì vuo­le la mo­da. La fib­bia da pu­ro ele­men­to di chiu­su­ra di­ven­ta or­na­men­to este­ti­co. Ru­ban­do la sce­na, pro­prio co­me suc­ce­de­va ne­gli an­ni Ses­san­ta quan­do fer­ma­va gli abi­ti sul­la spal­la o die­tro al col­lo. Ret­tan­go­la­re o ro­ton­da, og­gi in­cor­ni­cia lo sti­le es­sen­zia­le, ri­go­ro­so e geo­me­tri­co di bor­se a ma­no e tra­col­le, sti­va­li e an­kle boot, mu­le e mo­cas­si­ni. Ben­tor­na­ta! M.C.

It is bo­th use­ful and su­per­fi­cial, but that is fa­shion for you. The buc­kle as cla­sp be­co­mes an ae­sthe­tic or­na­ment. Stea­ling the sce­ne ju­st li­ke in the 1960s when it was used to cin­ch dres­ses on the shoul­der or at the neck. Rec­tan­gu­lar or round, to­day it is the epi­to­me of the es­sen­tial, ri­go­rous and geo­me­tric sty­le of hand and shoul­der bags, boo­ts, an­kle boo­ts, mu­les and moc­ca­sins. Wel­co­me back! Ni­na Ric­ci

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