Il fe­sti­val let­te­ra­rio Boo­k­ci­ty Mi­la­no è en­tra­to in re­da­zio­ne, tra mo­da, la­bo­ra­to­ri, let­tu­re ani­ma­te e in­con­tri con gli au­to­ri

VOGUE Bambini - - SOMMARIO -

The Boo­k­ci­ty Mi­la­no book fair ca­me to vi­sit us: days full of fa­shion, work­shops, li­ve­ly rea­ding ses­sions, and mee­tings with au­thors

Bel­lis­si­mo ve­de­re i no­stri uf­fi­ci pie­ni di bam­bi­ni nei gior­ni del­la ker­mes­se mi­la­ne­se de­di­ca­ta al­la let­te­ra­tu­ra. I tan­ti li­bri spar­si sul­le scri­va­nie so­no sta­ti lo spun­to per di­ver­tir­ci in­sie­me e i pic­co­li vi­si­ta­to­ri han­no sco­per­to come nasce Vo­gue Bam­bi­ni, come an­da­re a nan­na sen­za tra­ge­die, come il­lu­stra­re una sto­ria e come di­ven­ta­re amici dei lu­pi!

It was won­der­ful seeing our of­fi­ces full of chil­dren on the days of the book fair in Mi­lan. Lo­ts of books on de­sks ga­ve us a chan­ce to have fun with our young vi­si­tors, who lear­ned how an is­sue of Vo­gue Bam­bi­ni is pre­pa­red, how to go to bed without ma­king a fuss, how to il­lu­stra­te a sto­ry, and even how to be­co­me friends of wol­ves!

Al­cu­ni mo­men­ti del­la due-gior­ni che Vo­gue Bam­bi­ni ha de­di­ca­to al­la let­tu­ra... e uno scor­cio dal­le fi­ne­stre del­la re­da­zio­ne

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