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iche­le Ma­ri, a wri­ter and Italian li­te­ra­tu­re pro­fes­sor, says that “our per­so­na­li­ty is for­med by the age of seven, and eve­ry­thing el­se is an up­da­te”,whi­ch bru­sque­ly shu­ts the door on the que­stion if our ta­stes and in­cli­na­tions as a child in­fluen­ce our choi­ces as adul­ts. It’s a que­stion that we of­ten ask our­sel­ves al­so re­gar­ding war­dro­be ae­sthe­tics. This is­sue ca­me to mind re­cen­tly at the pre­sen­ta­tion of new col­lec­tions, with the re­turn of the prin­cess the­me that still rei­gns, al­beit with new sha­pes and looks. I po­sted a few ac­ces­so­ries on our Fa­ce­book pa­ge and I saw the hi­ts (600,000 rea­ched and 2,000 li­kes in ju­st a few hours for a slip-on) roc­ket to the top li­ke a pin­ball sco­re. The com­men­ts we­re re­ve­la­to­ry: moms wan­ted to know whe­re they could buy the­se items not on­ly for girls, but al­so in a gro­w­nup ver­sion! So­me things never lo­se their charm.


Not­te Fa­ta­ta di Sa­vio Fir­mi­no.

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