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Si chia­ma Po­lo Bar ed è il ri­sto­ran­te fir­ma­to Ral­ph Lau­ren, inau­gu­ra­to a gen­na­io di fian­co al flag­ship sto­re del­la mai­son su Fif­th Avenue e East 55th Street. Un’at­mo­sfe­ra ve­ra­men­te spe­cia­le, tra il mu­ra­le di Hen­ry Koe­hler che rap­pre­sen­ta una par­ti­ta di po­lo, la pel­le da sel­le­ria e i pez­zi di ar­te eque­stre dell’in­ter­no. I bam­bi­ni so­no i ben­ve­nu­ti, la cucina è clas­si­ca ame­ri­ca­na con ma­te­rie prime di ec­cel­len­za, dal sand­wi­ch di cor­ned beef al­le bi­stec­che, al ca­rat­te­ri­sti­co Po­lo Bar Bur­ger! Se do­po pran­zo vo­le­te fa­re shopping, fa­te un salto da Tor­ly Kid, uno dei ne­go­zi più ama­ti di Tri­be­ca, fon­da­to da Ca­rol Adams (Tor­ly nasce dai no­mi del­le sue fi­glie, To­ri e Car­ly). Am­bien­te gio­co­so e brand di ri­cer­ca, con pro­po­ste dal ba­by al teen.

al­ph Lau­ren’s re­stau­rant is cal­led Po­lo Bar and was inau­gu­ra­ted in Ja­nua­ry next to the mai­son’s flag­ship sto­re on Fif­th Avenue and East 55th Street. It has a tru­ly spe­cial am­bian­ce, what with Hen­ry Koe­hler’s mu­ral of a po­lo mat­ch, the sadd­le­ry lea­ther, and eque­strian art inside. Chil­dren are wel­co­me and the food is classic Ame­ri­can cui­si­ne made of ex­cel­lent in­gre­dien­ts, from the cor­ned beef sand­wi­ch to steak and the cha­rac­te­ri­stic Po­lo Bar Bur­ger! If you want to shop af­ter lun­ch, check out Tor­ly Kid, one of the fa­vo­ri­te sto­res in Tri­be­ca crea­ted by Ca­rol Adams (Tor­ly is a com­bi­na­tion of her two daughters’ na­mes, To­ri and Car­ly). The mood is play­ful and the sto­re fea­tu­res sophisticated brands for ba­bies, chil­dren and teens.


With a mood in­spi­red Mar­chi di ten­den­za da Tor­ly Kid, a Tri­be­ca

Tren­dy brands at Tor­ly Kid in Tri­be­ca

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