Ro­sa D’Ago­sti­no, ani­ma di Fi­ru­lì Fi­ru­là: l’in­na­to sen­so del­lo sti­le

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RRo­sa di­se­gna una col­le­zio­ne bel­lis­si­ma do­ta­ta di un fa­sci­no sen­za tem­po. Lei stes­sa la de­fi­ni­sce co­sì “in­no­cen­te, in­fan­ti­le, in­tem­po­rel”. Ha ini­zia­to a di­se­gna­re quan­do aspet­ta­va la pri­ma fi­glia, Bianca. ‘‘Lei an­co­ra non era na­ta e io già le ave­vo di­se­gna­to un look book com­ple­to. Adesso pro­pon­go una col­le­zio­ne 0-6 an­ni con edi­zio­ni de­di­ca­te per ogni nuo­va sta­gio­ne’’. I suoi ca­pi so­no ‘‘ mi­ni­mal, di­scre­ti, ispi­ra­ti al­le at­mo­sfe­re ré­tro ma con un guiz­zo pop”. Ro­sa ama il li­no in to­ni dé­la­vé, al co­to­ne de­cli­na­to in fan­ta­sie mil­le righe o vi­chy, la la­na dai co­lo­ri av­vol­gen­ti. Per noi ha crea­to due look: ‘‘Na­sco­no da una foto che ho im­ma­gi­na­to di aver scat­ta­to, in un’esta­te di mol­ti an­ni fa. E in quel­la foto so­no ritratti i miei due bim­bi, Bianca (che sfio­ra im­pa­zien­te i 6 an­ni) e Fe­de­ri­co (un treen­ne che so­gna ar­ma­tu­re me­die­va­li)’’.­ru­li­fi­ru­

Ro­sa D’Ago­sti­no, the soul of Fi­ru­lì Fi­ru­là: an in­na­te sen­se of style

Ro­sa de­si­gns a beautiful collection with timeless charm. She her­self calls it, “in­no­cent, child­li­ke, and timeless”. She star­ted de­si­gning whi­le she was ex­pec­ting her first daughter Bianca. ‘‘She hadn’t been born yet and I had al­rea­dy de­si­gned a com­ple­te look book. Now I’m pre­sen­ting a collection for chil­dren ages 0 to 6 with spe­cial edi­tions for ea­ch new sea­son”. Her gar­men­ts are “mi­ni­ma­li­st, un­der­sta­ted, and in­spi­red by re­tro moods but with a pop twi­st”. Ro­sa lo­ves li­nen in dé­la­vé hues, cot­ton in stri­pes or Vi­chy check, and wool in co­zy co­lors. She crea­ted two looks for us. “They come from a pho­to I took one sum­mer many years ago. The pic­tu­re por­trays my two chil­dren, Bianca (a ve­ry im­pa­tient six-yea­rold) and Fe­de­ri­co (a three-year-old who lo­ves me­die­val suits of ar­mor)”.­ru­li­fi­ru­

SUM­MER MOODS Bea­ch­wear that evo­kes chil­dren’s gig­gles and spla­shes of salt wa­ter. The ove­ralls are made of pi­qué cot­ton with ena­me­led wood but­tons. The pol­ka-dot out­fit is made of fi­ne po­plin. Ro­sa D’Ago­sti­no

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