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her ma­ny ti­mes and we’ve seen her grow. He­re you see her over a th­ree-year pe­riod in pho­tos by Al­do Fal­lai, Claus Wic­kra­th, Lu­cia­no Per­gref­fi and Ste­fa­no Aza­rio. Kri­sti­na is Rus­sian. She’s ni­ne years old and per­fec­tly speaks th­ree lan­gua­ges. She lo­ves piz­za and rhy­th­mic gym­na­stics. We ha­ve to say that she’s even mo­re beau­ti­ful in per­son and has no­thing in com­mon wi­th the cli­ché of ca­pri­cious, fa­ke mi­ni­di­vas. On her In­sta­gram pro­fi­le - kri­sti­na­pi­me­no­va2005 - whi­ch is ma­na­ged by her mom Gli­ke­riya, you see glimp­ses of her professional li­fe but al­so or­di­na­ry moments of eve­ry­day li­fe ty­pi­cal of a lit­tle girl, from a trip to the bea­ch to rea­ding and re­la­xing. Kri­sti­na is a ri­sing star. Her la­te­st achie­ve­ment? Her por­trait by Ste­ven Mei­sel in a gor­geous black and whi­te pho­to for the Ju­ly is­sue of Vo­gue Ita­lia.

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