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Nicoletta Bu­rat­ti e Si­bil­la Poz­zi, duo di Hip­py&Hap­py, ama­no lo stile li­be­ro dei Se­ven­ties. La lo­ro ri­cer­ca sti­li­sti­ca ruo­ta in­tor­no al ca­po-sim­bo­lo di quel pe­rio­do, il jeans. Na­sce co­sì una col­le­zio­ne di pic­co­li pez­zi al fem­mi­ni­le, con un mood na­tu­re-sty­li­zed fat­to di stam­pe mi­nu­te dal sa­po­re li­ber­ty, ac­co­sta­te al de­nim. Nicoletta Bu­rat­ti and Si­bil­la Poz­zi, the Hip­py&Hap­py duo, lo­ve the free style of the Se­ven­ties. Their style re­vol­ves around the gar­ment and sym­bol of that pe­riod – jeans. The collection fea­tu­res pie­ces for girls wi­th a sty­li­zed na­tu­re mood and ti­ny Art Nouveau prin­ts pai­red wi­th de­nim.

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