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Un pro­get­to di crea­ti­vi­tà che con­ci­lia de­si­gn e con­fort, que­sto il ‘ba­sis’ con cui Lin­da Can­zia­ni e Ti­zia­na Eme­de, ma­dre e fi­glia fon­da­tri­ci di Me­dia ho­ra, di­se­gna­no i lo­ro lit­tle out­fit. Ca­pi sem­pli­ci nel­le li­nee, ma cu­ra­tis­si­mi nei det­ta­gli. Pro­prio per­ché as­so­lu­ta­men­te hand-ma­de. A crea­ti­ve pro­ject that com­bi­nes de­si­gn and com­fort: this is the con­cept that Lin­da Can­zia­ni and Ti­zia­na Eme­de, the mo­ther and daughter who esta­bli­shed the com­pa­ny, cho­se for the out­fi­ts that they de­si­gn. The garments ha­ve sim­ple si­lhouet­tes and ex­qui­si­te hand-ma­de de­tai­ling.

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