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Juan Ca­ro e Fabio Sasso, de­si­gner di Leit­mo­tiv, han­no fat­to del­le stam­pe il lo­ro sta­tus sym­bol. Og­gi pre­sen­ta­no una (stra­bi­lian­te) col­le­zio­ne kids, na­tu­ra­le evo­lu­zio­ne di un mar­chio che gio­ca con la mo­da. Po­si­ti­vi­tà, gu­sto e ri­cer­ca­tez­za, che si espri­mo­no con il mondo del­le emo­ti­con.

Juan Ca­ro and Fabio Sasso, the de­si­gners of Leit­mo­tiv, tran­sfor­med their prin­ts in­to sta­tus sym­bols. To­day they pre­sent an ama­zing kid­swear collection that is the na­tu­ral evo­lu­tion of a brand that plays wi­th fa­shion. Op­ti­mi­sm, ta­ste and so­phi­sti­ca­tion are ex­pres­sed th­rou­gh the emo­ti­con world.

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