Il ta­vo­lo pie­no di ma­ti - te, un ritratto a ma­no li­be­ra e tan­ti ami­ci. Una gior­na­ta con­di­vi­sa in una se­quen­za di clic A ta­ble full of pen­cils, a free­hand por­trait, and lo­ts of friends. A day shared in a se­quen­ce of pho­tos

VOGUE Bambini - - IN THIS ISSUE - by Laura San­tam­bro­gio

Una sto­ria per im­ma­gi­ni: in­fluen­cer e fa­shion icon rac­con­ta­no a ‘Vo­gue Bam­bi­ni’ una gior­na­ta ti­po for­ma­to In­sta­gram. Lei è Li­se­lot­te Wa­t­kins Falk, il­lu­stra­tri­ce e ar­ti­sta, mam­ma di Wim e Ava. Pas­sio­ni con­di­vi­se? Leg­ge­re e ri­leg­ge­re Pip­pi Cal­ze­lun­ghe. A sto­ry in pic­tu­res: in­fluen­cers and fa­shion icons tell ‘Vo­gue Bam­bi­ni’ about a ty­pi­cal day, In­sta­gram-style. She’s Li­se­lot­te Wa­t­kins Falk, an il­lu­stra­tor and ar­ti­st, and the mo­ther of Wim and Ava. What do they lo­ve doing to­ge­ther? Rea­ding Pip­pi Long­stoc­king over and over! No­me Li­se­lot­te Wa­t­kins Falk Mam­ma di Wim, 6 an­ni, e Ava, 4 an­ni Pro­fes­sio­ne Il­lu­stra­tri­ce e ar­ti­sta Co­lo­re pre­fe­ri­to Gial­lo Cit­tà pre­fe­ri­ta Stoc­kholm Ci pia­ce Pip­pi Lång­strump (Pip­pi Cal­za­lun­ghe), la amia­mo alla fol­lia!

La mam­ma se­con­do Wim #pin­ke­mo­tion #mom #smi­le­fa­ces Friends for break­fa­st #slee­ping­mood #so­cu­te #good­vi­bes Fruit break #afrui­ta­day #all­fa­mi­ly #vi­ta­mins In the mor­ning #play­ing­to­ge­ther #mo­men­ts #lo­ve­my­kids A ve­ry ti­red dog #ilo­ve­my­pe­ts #pe­tsta­gram #best­friends

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