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VOGUE Bambini - - TRAVEL BUG -

‘Ogni bam­bi­no na­sce con il suo ce­sti­no’, di­ce­va­no i non­ni. Ca­rat­te­re, ca­rat­te­ri­sti­che, qua­li­tà e ca­pric­ci. Poi ci so­no gli og­get­ti del quo­ti­dia­no che ten­go­no com­pa­gnia e scan­di­sco­no i mo­men­ti del­la gior­na­ta: il ted­dy bear del­la buo­na not­te, il li­bro da leg­ge­re con mam­ma e pa­pà, la bam­bo­la da por­ta­re al par­co e le mac­chi­ni­ne da scam­bia­re. In­som­ma i gio­chi da te­ne­re sem­pre con sé. The Lug­gy Ba­sket di Ol­li El­la è il ce­sti­no con le ro­tel­le fat­to a ma­no, di­spo­ni­bi­le in quat­tro co­lo­ri, per­fet­to per ‘met­ter­ci la ca­sa den­tro’, ma an­che da ‘par­cheg­gia­re’ in ca­me­ret­ta. by Lau­ra San­tam­bro­gio

‘Ea­ch child is born wi­th his own ba­sket’, grand­pa­ren­ts used to say, whi­ch meant per­so­na­li­ty, trai­ts, qua­li­ties and ca­pri­ces. Then the­re are eve­ry­day ob­jec­ts that keep chil­dren com­pa­ny and mark cer­tain mo­men­ts of the day: the ted­dy bear for bed­ti­me, the book to read wi­th mom­my and dad­dy, the doll to ta­ke to the park, and toy cars to ex­chan­ge. In short, they’re eve­ry­thing you al­ways ta­ke wi­th you. The Lug­gy Ba­sket by Ol­li El­la is the hand-ma­de ba­sket wi­th wheels that co­mes in four co­lors. It’s per­fect for ‘brin­ging eve­ry­thing from ho­me’ but al­so for ‘par­king’ in the be­droom.

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