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as I rock him gen­tly in the wa­ter. Af­ter­wards, I dry him wi­th a soft, mo­re de­li­ca­te bru­shed cot­ton to­wel. Then the­re is an oli­ve oil mas­sa­ge and moi­stu­ri­zing cream. Co­co­nut oil, whi­ch is na­tu­ral­ly soo­thing and has po­wer­ful an­ti­bac­te­rial pro­per­ties, is per­fect for dia­per ra­sh. If the skin is very red, I di­sco­ve­red the­re’s no­thing bet­ter than cream ma­de at ho­me wi­th clay, co­co­nut oil and ca­len­du­la: it’s ma­gi­cal! How do you hand­le the po­st-ho­li­day pe­riod? I usual­ly ex­plain the­se trips to Leo and tell him we’re going ho­me. We tra­vel a lot and I no­ti­ced that when you tell him be­fo­re­hand, he co­pes wi­th the chan­ge bet­ter. What ti­me of the day is set asi­de for just the two of you? Break­fa­st and a long walk in the park, whe­re I re­spect his rhy­thm and pa­ce. I stop when he stops and I ob­ser­ve what he ob­ser­ves.

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