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Osy­th e Be­tha­ny so­no due so­rel­le in­gle­si che nel 2014, do­po un pe­rio­do nel di­gi­tal mar­ke­ting ma­na­ge­ment e nel­la fo­to­gra­fia, han­no crea­to una li­nea di scar­pe ba­by in pel­le su­per co­lo­ra­ta. I pro­get­ti per il fu­tu­ro? Una li­nea lu­xu­ry e una wa­ter­proof, per sal­ta­re nel­le poz­zan­ghe­re.

Osy­th and Be­tha­ny are two Bri­ti­sh si­sters who, af­ter a pe­riod in di­gi­tal mar­ke­ting ma­na­ge­ment and pho­to­gra­phy, laun­ched a su­per-co­lor­ful lea­ther ba­by shoe li­ne in 2014. Pro­jec­ts for the fu­tu­re in­clu­de a lu­xu­ry li­ne and a wa­ter­proof one, too, for jum­ping in pudd­les.

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Na­ti nel 2014 dal­la col­la­bo­ra­zio­ne e dall’ami­ci­zia fra Co­stan­za di Ca­nos­sa e Chia­ra Pu­ri Pu­ri­ni, I Mar­mot­ti­ni si con­trad­di­stin­guo­no per la scel­ta di ma­te­ria­li pri­ma­ri co­me co­to­ne, li­no, la­na e tweed. I lo­ro ca­pi han­no co­lo­ri clas­si­ci e li­nee sem­pli­ci per il gior­no, men­tre per la not­te si ve­sto­no di mi­nu­te fan­ta­sie. The brand esta­bli­shed in 2014 is the re­sult of a part­ner­ship bet­ween Co­stan­za di Ca­nos­sa and Chia­ra Pu­ri Pu­ri­ni.The I Mar­mot­ti­ni brand stands out for its choi­ce of raw ma­te­rials su­ch as cot­ton, li­nen, wool and tweed. Gar­men­ts co­me in clas­sic co­lors wi­th sim­ple si­lhouet­tes for day, whi­le ti­ny prin­ts are the choi­ce for night­ti­me. @ie­d_of­fi­cial

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