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‘Be­hind the sce­nes’ di Ni­ko­lia, brand let­to­ne na­to nel 2015 e de­di­ca­to a bim­be da 1 a 14 an­ni, ci so­no Ru­ta - il ve­ro mo­to­re crea­ti­vo del brand - e Ie­va, per­fet­ta per tut­to ciò che è co­mu­ni­ca­zio­ne e mar­ke­ting. Le lo­ro col­le­zio­ni so­no ‘uni­for­mi di li­ber­tà’, co­me ama­no de­fi­nir­le, gra­zie ai vo­lu­mi inat­te­si e ai det­ta­gli ina­spet­ta­ti.

‘Be­hind the sce­nes’ of Ni­ko­lia, a Lat­vian brand esta­bli­shed in 2015 and de­di­ca­ted to chil­dren bet­ween the ages of 1 and 14, are Ru­ta - the true crea­ti­ve mind of the brand - and Ie­va, per­fect for eve­ry­thing re­gar­ding mar­ke­ting and com­mu­ni­ca­tion. Their col­lec­tions are ‘free­dom uni­forms’ as they call them, due to their unex­pec­ted vo­lu­mes and ama­zing de­tails. esi­gen­za, quel­la di in­ter­pre­ta­re più mo­di di es­se­re bam­bi­ni, sen­za ste­reo­ti­pi.

Loui­se Ols­son from Swe­den re­cei­ved a Fa­shion De­si­gn di­plo­ma in Ju­ly from IED in Mi­lan, whe­re she pre­sen­ted for her the­sis ‘A Child in Room and Ti­me’, a col­lec­tion in­spi­red by Swe­di­sh pain­ter Carl Lars­son. The col­lec­tion seeks to in­ter­pret dif­fe­rent fa­ce­ts of chil­d­hood whi­le avoi­ding ste­reo­ty­pes.

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