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It’s a ty­pi­cal Fren­ch ca­ke that is al­so po­pu­lar in Ja­pan. Du­ring the ho­li­days pa­stry shops are fil­led wi­th the­se des­serts ma­de wi­th spon­ge ca­ke and co­ve­red wi­th whip­ped cream and stra­w­ber­ries. Ho­li­day su­gar de­co­ra­tions are pla­ced on top. dol­ce speziato in­gle­se, co­sì ama­to da ar­ri­va­re fi­no in Au­stra­lia. Ci­ta­to da Dic­kens nel suo ‘Can­to di Na­ta­le’, se­con­do su­per­sti­zio­ne do­vreb­be con­te­ne­re 13 in­gre­dien­ti ed es­se­re pre­pa­ra­to da tut­ta la fa­mi­glia.

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