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Mar­ghe­ri­ta Mis­so­ni talks about the new pa­ja­ma cap­su­le by Mar­gher - ita Kids, in ex­clu­si­ve for YOOX

VOGUE Bambini - - THE FAMILY -

Si chia­ma ‘Mum­my and Me’ la nuo­va li­nea per la not­te, disegnata da Mar­ghe­ri­ta Mac­ca­pa­ni Mis­so­ni Amos in esclu­si­va per YOOX (di­spo­ni­bi­le da fi­ne no­vem­bre) e pen­sa­ta co­me na­tu­ra­le evo­lu­zio­ne del­la col­le­zio­ne Mar­ghe­ri­ta Kids. Co­me ci spie­ga la de­si­gner:“Ho sem­pre pen­sa­to di vo­ler ac­com­pa­gna­re i bam­bi­ni nell’ar­co di tut­ta la gior­na­ta e mi di­ver­ti­va l’idea di crea­re per fia­be di­se­gne­re­sti un pi­gia­ma? “Di­se­gne­rei un pi­gia­mi­no per Ric­cio­li d’oro e pen­so che sta­reb­be be­nis­si­mo nel no­stro po­pe­li­ne az­zur­ro con i pro­fi­li aran­cio­ni. Per­fet­to per sal­ta­re da un pol­tro­na all’al­tra, ce­na­re… e an­che cor­re­re via!” by Oria­na Pic­ce­ni to ano­ther. In this ca­se, it co­mes in a pop ver­sion, a ‘scho­la­stic’ ver­sion, and one prin­ted on a men­swear shirt fa­bric”. For what fai­ry­ta­le cha­rac­ter would you de­si­gn a pair of pa­ja­mas? “I’d de­si­gn pa­ja­mas for Gol­di­locks and I think she’d look great in our light blue po­plin pa­ja­mas wi­th oran­ge trim, whi­ch would be per­fect for jum­ping from one chair to ano­ther, ha­ving din­ner… and run­ning away!”.

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