VOGUE Bambini - - INTRO -

de­di­ca­re un an­go­lo del giar­di­no o del ter­raz­zo so­lo a lo­ro, la­scian­do­li li­be­ri di spe­ri­men­ta­re con se­mi e pian­te.

Gar­de­ning: set asi­de a cor­ner of the gar­den or ter­ra­ce for the kids to let them ex­pe­ri­ment with seeds and plants.

Sur­pri­se: tea­ch them that it’s ni­ce to en­joy the out­doors, even in the city or pla­ces that are not see­min­gly beau­ti­ful. Poe­try is eve­ry­whe­re!

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