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Tut­to il mon­do del bam­bi­no e mol­to di più. ‘Vo­gue Bam­bi­ni’ da gen­na­io è on li­ne su vo­ con un ca­na­le com­ple­ta­men­te de­di­ca­to. Si clic­ca su vo­gue­bam­bi­ e, ol­tre ad ap­pro­fon­di­men­ti del ma­ga­zi­ne, i backstage dei ser­vi­zi fo­to­gra­fi­ci, tut­te le no­vi­tà che ruo­ta­no at­tor­no al mon­do dei più pic­co­li, le sfi­la­te, le me­te per­fet­te per la fa­mi­glia. E an­co­ra la se­zio­ne It-mums, per en­tra­re nel mon­do del­le mam­me so­cial, i Talents, do­ve tro­va­re real­tà emer­gen­ti da te­ne­re d’oc­chio, e una se­zio­ne Fai­ry­ta­les de­di­ca­ta a sto­rie ine­di­te o da scri­ve­re in­sie­me. Stay tu­ned! by Lau­ra San­tam­bro­gio It’s a kid’s world and so mu­ch mo­re. Star­ting Ja­nua­ry, ‘Vo­gue Bam­bi­ni’ will be online at vo­ with its own chan­nel. Click on vo­gue­bam­bi­ and be­si­des all the in­fo about the ma­ga­zi­ne and backstage glimp­ses at pho­to shoo­ts, you’ll get all the la­te­st news from the world of chil­dren, in­clu­ding ru­n­way sho­ws and the per­fect fa­mi­ly-friend­ly tra­vel de­sti­na­tions. The­re’s an It-mums sec­tion that le­ts you en­ter the world of blog­ger moms on so­cial net­works, a Talents sec­tion for kee­ping an eye on up­co­ming de­si­gners, and a Fai­ry­ta­les sec­tion with un­pu­bli­shed sto­ries or ta­les that you can wri­te to­ge­ther. Stay tu­ned!

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