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Dal gio­co al web, la cu­ra del fat­to a ma­no, dei ma­te­ria­li na­tu­ra­li e del­le la­vo­ra­zio­ni ar­ti­gia­na­li From play­ti­me to the web, hand­ma­de de­tails, na­tu­ral ma­te­rials and ar­ti­san work­man­ship

VOGUE Bambini - - JUST BABY -

Pro­prio se­guen­do que­sti prin­ci­pi, Ha­pe Toys ha lan­cia­to la li­nea di soft toys Kä­the Kru­se, sto­ri­co brand di gio­cat­to­li in tes­su­to. Tut­ti, dal­le bam­bo­le ai dou­dou, so­no rea­liz­za­ti con cu­ra ar­ti­gia­na­le, det­ta­gli hand-ma­de e ma­te­ria­li na­tu­ra­li ed eco­lo­gi­ci

A cro­wd of bed­ti­me bud­dies? Of cour­se, as long as they’re ul­tra-soft and ma­de of eco-su­stai­na­ble ma­te­rials. Fol­lo­wing the­se ru­les, Ha­pe Toys has laun­ched its li­ne of soft toys cal­led Kä­the Kru­se, a hi­sto­ri­cal brand of fa­bric toys. All, from ba­by dolls to com­fort blan­ke­ts, are hand­ma­de using na­tu­ral, eco­lo­gi­cal ma­te­rials.

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