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VOGUE Bambini - - NOW KIDS -

Tes­su­ti tec­ni­ci, det­ta­gli grin­to­si e co­lo­re: an­che lo sport ha il suo sti­le! Con una cap­su­le col­lec­tion in­te­ra­men­te de­di­ca­ta al fit­ness, per la pros­si­ma esta­te l’in­vi­to a pra­ti­ca­re sport ar­ri­va da I-Do. I pez­zi for­ti? La giac­ca an­ti­ven­to stam­pa ca­mou­fla­ge per lui e il blou­son co­lor co­ral­lo per lei. Na­tu­ral­men­te da ab­bi­na­re a T-shirt, shorts o leggings coor­di­na­ti. Non per­de­te l’oc­ca­sio­ne di di­ver­tir­vi!

Tech­ni­cal fa­brics, cool de­tails and co­lor: even sport has its sty­le! With a cap­su­le col­lec­tion en­ti­re­ly de­di­ca­ted to fit­ness, for next sum­mer the in­vi­ta­tion to exer­ci­se co­mes from I-Do. Its stars are the ca­mou­fla­ge print wind­brea­ker for boys and the co­ral blou­son for girls, worn with coor­di­na­ted T-shirts, shorts or leggings, of cour­se. Don’t miss a chan­ce to ha­ve fun!

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