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“A ma­gi­cal world with play­ful gar­men­ts whe­re the buz­z­word is fun.” Sil­via Ven­tu­ri­ni Fen­di tells us about the Fen­di Kids li­ne, a who­le uni­ver­se to ex­plo­re.

VOGUE Bambini - - NOW KIDS -

Ec­co una ri­cet­ta vin­cen­te: la ca­pa­ci­tà di de­cli­na­re, in mo­do crea­ti­vo e mai scon­ta­to, il dna di una grande mai­son nell’uni­ver­so in­fan­ti­le. Co­me ci rac­con­ta la de­si­gner Sil­via Ven­tu­ri­ni Fen­di: «Sin dal lan­cio del­la pri­ma col­le­zio­ne Fen­di Kids (p/e 2011), l’idea è sta­ta quel­la di di­se­gna­re un guar­da­ro­ba per i pic­co­li che unis­se tra­di­zio­ne, in­no­va­zio­ne, crea­ti­vi­tà e con­ti­nua ri­cer­ca per i det­ta­gli, con un toc­co fun. Un mix sor­pren­den­te di tec­no­lo­gia e al­ta sar­to­ria­li­tà, sa­pien­te­men­te uni­to a iro­nia that com­bi­ned tra­di­tion, in­no­va­tion, crea­ti­vi­ty and a con­stant sear­ch for de­tails with a fun tou­ch. In a sur­pri­sing blend of tech­no­lo­gy and su­perb tai­lo­ring cle­ver­ly com­bi­ned with iro­ny and lighthear­ted­ness, it is a ma­gi­cal world with ‘play­ful’ gar­men­ts for whi­ch the pas­sword is ‘fun’”. Fen­di’s prin­ts, co­lor bloc­king, fi­ne fa­brics and uni­que pro­duc­tion tech­ni­ques are the­re­fo­re trans­la­ted in a so­phi­sti­ca­ted but play­ful and so­me­ti­mes unex­pec­ted world. That sa­me phi­lo­so­phy was ap­plied when de­co­ra­ting the fir­st Fen­di Kids bou­ti­que re­cen­tly inau­gu­ra­ted in Ro­me: the warm, lu­mi­nous set­ting is brighte­ned by the Bam­bi and Sheep chairs by Ta­ke­shi Sa­wa­da. It is the per­fect pla­ce for wel­co­ming kids, in­vi­ting them to play and to use their ima­gi­na­tion.A ge­nui­ne fai­ry­ta­le that starts with a sto­ry about the col­lec­tion, it wan­ts to let ea­ch child feel free to ex­press his crea­ti­vi­ty. At the end of Ja­nua­ry that fai­ry­ta­le will con­ti­nue with the ope­ning of a new kid­swear bou­ti­que in Du­bai. Stay tu­ned!

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