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gner di mol­tis­si­mi Pae­si, dan­do vi­ta a un ve­ro e pro­prio mel­ting pot cul­tu­ra­le e cu­li­na­rio. Il se­gre­to per una ri­cet­ta di suc­ces­so? «Quan­do pen­so a una ri­cet­ta il­lu­stra­ta, cer­co di crea­re qual­co­sa che non è pos­si­bi­le fa­re con una fo­to. E che tra­smet­ta in­sie­me dol­cez­za, sen­so di no­stal­gia e vo­glia di ri­de­re... co­sa che è pos­si­bi­le fa­re so­lo di­se­gnan­do». by Oria­na Pic­ce­ni

As of­ten hap­pens with the be­st ideas, even the il­lu­stra­tions of re­ci­pes from around the world of “They Draw & Cook” ca­me about by chan­ce.What are its in­gre­dien­ts? A bro­ther and si­ster na­med Sal­li Swin­dell and Na­te Pa­da­vick, bo­th il­lu­stra­tors with a pas­sion for coo­king, who went on a va­ca­tion to­ge­ther. Whi­le Na­te coo­ked his fa­vo­ri­te di­sh - fet­tuc­ci­ne and figs in bal­sa­mic vi­ne­gar sau­ce - Sal­li drew figs. Sin­ce then they are still going strong and ha­ve mo­re than 6,000 re­ci­pes on the web­si­te by ar­tists and de­si­gners from ma­ny coun­tries, crea­ting a cul­tu­ral and cu­li­na­ry mel­ting pot. What’s the se­cret to a suc­ces­sful re­ci­pe? “When I think of an il­lu­stra­ted re­ci­pe, I try to crea­te so­me­thing that can’t be do­ne with a pho­to that tran­smi­ts the sa­me sweet­ness, sen­se of no­stal­gia and de­si­re for hu­mor… and that can on­ly be do­ne th­rou­gh a dra­wing”.

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