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Design scan­di­na­vo per que­sto brand na­to nel 2015 dal duo di de­si­gner da­ne­si Loui­se Møl­ler­marck e Sø­ren Hou­ge­sen. Scar­pe uni­sex, che si di­stin­guo­no per l’uso del co­lo­re e del­le fan­ta­sie, sen­za di­men­ti­ca­re la pra­ti­ci­tà e la lo­ro fi­na­li­tà prin­ci­pa­le: la­scia­re che i bam­bi­ni gio­chi­no in pie­na li­ber­tà di mo­vi­men­to.

Scan­di­na­vian design is the choi­ce for this brand esta­bli­shed in 2015 by Da­ni­sh design duo Loui­se Møl­ler­marck and Sø­ren Hou­ge­sen. Its uni­sex shoes stand out for their use of co­lor and prin­ts, prac­ti­ca­li­ty and their main pur­po­se: to let chil­dren play with com­ple­te free­dom of mo­ve­ment. De­si­gner Emi­lie Ven­tu­jol, the foun­der of Pier­rot la Lu­ne, wan­ted clas­sic sty­les with no­stal­gic tou­ches for her col­lec­tion. The clo­thes look as if they ca­me straight out of Fren­ch films of the Fif­ties or fa­ded ima­ges on old post­cards from the Me­di­ter­ra­nean. All gar­men­ts are ma­de of na­tu­ral fi­bers.­co­to­vin­ta­ @to­co­to­vin­ta­ge

Dall’iso­la di For­men­te­ra e dal suo spi­ri­to bo­hé­mien na­sco­no i ca­pi di To­co­tó Vin­ta­ge. Col­le­zio­ni 0-10 anni che Mar­ta, de­si­gner del brand, svi­lup­pa con pat­tern e co­lo­ri dal toc­co ré­tro. Crea­zio­ni che san­no di poe­sia e han­no una grande at­ten­zio­ne al det­ta­glio.

The island of For­men­te­ra and its Bo­he­mian spi­rit are the in­spi­ra­tion for To­co­tó Vin­ta­ge. Its col­lec­tions for kids ages 0 to 10 de­si­gned by Mar­ta de­ve­lop pat­terns and co­lors with a re­tro tou­ch. The­se poe­tic sty­les re­veal great at­ten­tion to de­tail.

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