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Ma­ja Akra­berg Sil­lerm ha por­ta­to le at­mo­sfe­re del­la pic­co­la iso­la dell’Ocea­no Atlan­ti­co in cui è na­ta in Mi­ni­ma­li­sma. Da Zu­ri­go, do­ve ha se­de il brand, Ma­ja di­se­gna col­le­zio­ni iper­ba­sic di qua­li­tà al­tis­si­ma: se­ta, la­na, cash­me­re, al­pa­ca e co­to­ne or­ga­ni­co, de­cli­na­te in co­lo­ri na­tu­ra­li.

Ma­ja Akra­berg Sil­lerm brought the moods of the small island in the Atlan­tic Ocean whe­re Mi­ni­ma­li­sma was born. Now in Zu­ri­ch, whe­re brand hea­d­quar­ters are lo­ca­ted, Ma­ja de­si­gns ul­tra-ba­sic col­lec­tions of ex­tre­me­ly hi­gh qua­li­ty: silk, wool, cash­me­re, al­pa­ca and or­ga­nic cotton in na­tu­ral co­lors.

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