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The pur­po­se of her ima­ges is to evo­ke ‘self-crea­ted ma­gic’, as if spil­ling cof- fee was a chan­ce to tell a sto­ry. To gi­ve us this ma­gic, Giu­lia Ber­nar­del­li, a.k.a. Ber­nu­lia, does not design on shee­ts of pa­per or canvases, but on the ta­ble itself, crea­ting ephem- seem pro­pel­led by the po­wer of the over­tur­ned cup: eve­ry­thing is tied to an en­chan­ted world whe­re you can lo­se your­self, ima­gi­ning sto­ries wi­thin a sto­ry. What is her se­cret? « I love eve­ry­day ma­gic, whe­re the sim­ple­st things con­ceal in­cre­di­ble sto­ries ».

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