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Chez Si­mo­net­ta In bloom

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by Oria­na Pic­ce­ni

La co­sa bella di quan­do si en­tra da Si­mo­net­ta, sul­le col­li­ne di Je­si, è sco­pri­re che crea­ti­vi­tà e tec­no­lo­gia man­ten­go­no da sem­pre la stes­sa ani­ma dei suoi esor­di: la cu­ra ar­ti­gia­na­le e lo spi­ri­to gio­co­so che ren­de spe­cia­le ogni ca­po. Pro­prio co­me quan­do la mam­ma Ma­ria Bianca Maz­za­ri­ni ne­gli an­ni ’50 crea­va i ca­pi pro­van­do­li sul­la fi­glia Si­mo­net­ta e, in­sie­me a lei, gi­ra­va l’Ita­lia in tre­no per ven­der­li ai ne­go­zi spe­cia­liz­za­ti. La poe­sia di quei ri­cor­di si leg­ge an­co­ra og­gi nel­le pa­ro­le di Si­mo­net­ta, men­tre in­sie­me ai fra­tel­li Va­le­ria e Ro­ber­to e al­la se­con­da generazione, Cri­stia­na Pae­sa­ni (uf­fi­cio sti­le) e Mar­co Za­net­ti (re­spon­sa­bi­le mar­ke­ting), ci ac­com­pa­gna in un viag­gio af­fa­sci­nan­te nel­la sto­ria della mo­da bam­bi­no e del brand. Per­ché da al­lo­ra è cre­sciu­ta l’azien­da (che og­gi van­ta tre li­nee di abbigliamento e una di cal­za­tu­re, ol­tre a va­rie crea­ted out­fi­ts and tried them out on her daughter Si­mo­net­ta and then tra­ve­led wi­th her th­rou­ghout Ita­ly to sell them to chil­dren­swear sto­res. The poe­try of tho­se me­mo­ries is still sen­sed in the words of Si­mo­net­ta who wi­th her si­blings Va­le­ria and Ro­ber­to and the se­cond ge­ne­ra­tion - Cri­stia­na Pae­sa­ni (Style Of­fi­ce) and Mar­co Za­net­ti (Mar­ke­ting Di­rec­tor) - ta­kes us on a fa­sci­na­ting jour­ney in the hi­sto­ry of chil­dren­swear and the brand. Sin­ce then, the com­pa­ny has gro­wn (and now has th­ree clo­thing li­nes, a foot­wear li­ne and se­ve­ral li­cen­ses) and so has its re­fe­ren­ce mar­ket (75% of its tur­no­ver is ge­ne­ra­ted abroad in 40 coun­tries) but its heart re­mains sar­to­rial, whi­ch is the streng­th of Si­mo­net­ta. Be­fo­re pas­sing to the in­du­strial pro­duc­tion pha­se, pro­to­ty­pes are still made in the work­shop and the­re is a ca­re­ful fit­ting ses­sion on chil­dren. It is a fun­da­men­tal mo­ment in pro­du­cing the col­lec­tion be­cau­se it tests sha­pes and fa­brics, de­tails and crea­ti­ve ideas to see if chil­dren feel at ea­se and can mo­ve free­ly: other­wi­se, cu­ts, seams, and leng­ths are chan­ged. This is the sub­stan­ce and soul of Si­mo­net­ta.

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