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Tra­vel, wri­te and mo­re

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by Sa­ra Uslen­ghi e Lau­ra San­tam­bro­gio

Tra le no­vi­tà del 2017 ar­ri­va In­stax Mi­ni 70, che pia­ce­rà mol­tis­si­mo ai ra­gaz­zi. Tra le tan­te ca­rat­te­ri­sti­che, la mo­da­li­tà Sel­fie che per­met­te di mo­du­la­re la lu­mi­no­si­tà e la di­stan­za di scat­to ot­ti­ma­li per, ap­pun­to, i sel­fie, sfrut­tan­do l’ap­po­si­to spec­chiet­to po­si­zio­na­to ac­can­to all’obiet­ti­vo. Da por­ta­re an­che a scuo­la!

Among the new pro­duc­ts for 2017, the­re’s In­stax Mi­ni 70, whi­ch teens will lo­ve. One of the ma­ny features is a Sel­fie mo­de that le­ts you ad­ju­st the light and di­stan­ce that’s best for sel­fies, ta­king ad­van­ta­ge of the spe­cial mir­ror next to the lens. You can even ta­ke it to school! 12.30

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