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VOGUE Bambini - - CONTENTS - by Ila­ria Bel­lan­to­ni e Sa­ra Uslen­ghi

by Ila­ria Bel­lan­to­ni e Sa­ra Uslen­ghi

Lin­coln is ele­ven. He lo­ves car­toons, scien­ce fic­tion and gho­st sto­ries. He has a cru­sh on a school­ma­te na­med Ron­nie An­ne and his best bud­dy is Cly­de. Lin­coln al­so has ten (yes, ten!) si­sters and a chao­tic but hi­la­rious li­fe full of ad­ven­tu­res. 5 CHIAMATEMI AN­NA, NETFLIX: la mitica An­na dai Ca­pel­li Ros­si in ver­sio­ne se­rie Tv gra­zie a Moi­ra Wal­ley-Bec­kett, già sce­neg­gia­tri­ce di ‘Brea­king Bad’. Un’or­fa­na vie­ne adot­ta­ta da una du­ra zi­tel­la e dal mi­te fra­tel­lo. L’ar­ri­vo della pic­co­la, co­rag­gio­sa e ap­pas­sio­na­ta, scon­vol­ge­rà le lo­ro vite.

The le­gen­da­ry An­na of Green Ga­bles has be­co­me a TV se­ries thanks to Moi­ra Wal­ley-Bec­kett, a scree­n­w­ri­ter of Brea­king Bad. An or­phan is adop­ted by a stern spin­ster and her gen­tle bro­ther. The ar­ri­val of the cou­ra­geous and pas­sio­na­te girl will over­whelm their li­ves.

Mo­vies, TV sei­res, car­toons. Rea­dy to start the jour­ney?

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