An ar­ti­stic jour­ney wi­th kids

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by Oria­na Pic­ce­ni

Di­ver­ten­te l’ope­ra del pit­to­re ci­ne­se Liu Ye, nel Pa­di­glio­ne del libro: l’ar­ti­sta ha di­pin­to le co­per­ti­ne ca­po­vol­te di al­cu­ni dei suoi li­bri pre­fe­ri­ti, in sca­la 1:1, ri­pe­ten­do­le su pan­nel­li ac­co­sta­ti. Dei li­bri ci re­sta so­lo l’in­vo­lu­cro... e un in­vi­to al­la fan­ta­sia! This amu­sing work by the Chi­ne­se ar­ti­st Liu Ye is in the Book Pa­vi­lion: the ar­ti­st pain­ted the co­vers of so­me of his fa­vo­ri­te books up­si­de-down in 1:1 sca­le, re­pea­ting them on up­si­de-down ad­ja­cent pa­nels. On­ly the jac­ket co­vers re­main of the books…and an in­vi­ta­tion to let your ima­gi­na­tion fly!

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