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by Ila­ria Bel­lan­to­ni


In­ven­tar­si un’app. Ven­der­la a Sna­p­chat per 54 mi­lio­ni di dol­la­ri. Par­ti­re e an­da­re. In gi­ro per il mon­do, con mo­glie e fi­gli. A 28 an­ni. È suc­ces­so a Gar­rett e Jes­si­ca Gee in viag­gio da 24 me­si con Ma­nil­la e Do­ro­thy: “All’ini­zio ci re­ga­la­va­no vo­li e not­ti in ho­tel, ma da quan­do ab­bia­mo su­pe­ra­to i 500mi­la fol­lo­wers su In­sta­gram le azien­de ci pa­ga­no per vi­si­ta­re qua­lun­que an­go­lo del mon­do”, rac­con­ta lui. Di ori­gi­ni fi­lip­pi­ne, mor­mo­ne, è cre­sciu­to in Utah e ha co­no­sciu­to lei a Vla­di­vo­stok, in una mis­sio­ne: “E lì le ho giu­ra­to di ren­der­la felice”. Promessa man­te­nu­ta, pa­re. In­vent an app. Sell it to Sna­p­chat for 54 mil­lion dol­lars. Get up and lea­ve, tra­ve­ling the world wi­th wi­fe and kids, at age 28. That hap­pe­ned to Gar­rett and Jes­si­ca Gee, tra­ve­ling for 24 mon­ths wi­th Ma­nil­la and Do­ro­thy. “In the be­gin­ning they ga­ve us free flights and ho­tel stays, but sin­ce we’ve got­ten over 500 thou­sand fol­lo­wers on In­sta­gram, com­pa­nies pay us to tra­vel any­whe­re in the world”, he says. Ori­gi­nal­ly from the Phi­lip­pi­nes, he’s a Mor­mon and grew up in Utah. He met her in Vla­di­vo­stok in a mis­sion: “And I pro­mi­sed her that I’d ma­ke her hap­py”. Looks li­ke he kept his pro­mi­se!

THE BUCKET LI­ST FA­MI­LY In al­to, i Gees in Nuo­va Ze­lan­da. In sen­so ora­rio: Ma­nil­la (2); Gar­rett con lei e Do­ro­thy (4) in Tur­chia; la pic­co­la nel de­ser­to di Du­bai; Jes­si­ca a Ton­ga.

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