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Ga­briel­la Lund­blad ha un ma­ri­to, due fi­gli, un ca­ne, vi­ve a Gö­te­borg e di­pin­ge bel­lis­si­mi ac­qua­rel­li. Le sue pen­nel­la­te de­li­ca­tis­si­me di­ven­ta­no poi le fan­ta­sie mi­nu­zio­se che co­lo­ra­no i tes­su­ti del suo Anï­ve for the Mi­nors. La sua way of li­fe? “Non è quel­lo che fai, ma il mo­do in cui lo fai”, co­me can­ta­va­no i Ba­na­na­ra­ma.

Ga­briel­la Lund­blad has a hu­sband, two chil­dren, and a dog. She li­ves in Go­then­burg and pain­ts beau­ti­ful wa­ter­co­lors. Her de­li­ca­te bru­sh­stro­kes are tran­sfor­med in­to me­ti­cu­lous prin­ts that adorn the fa­brics of her brand Anï­ve for the Mi­nors. What is her li­fe phi­lo­so­phy? “It’s not what you do, but how you do it”, as Ba­na­na­ra­ma sang.

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