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Va­le­rie Toyo­mu­ra-Pro­vot è me­tà giap­po­ne­se e me­tà fran­ce­se, cre­sciu­ta a To­kyo, do­ve ha stu­dia­to mo­da, ha viag­gia­to a lun­go in Ra­ja­sthan, In­dia, do­ve ha ap­pre­so le tec­ni­che di ri­ca­mo del po­po­lo Ha­ri­jin. Un sog­gior­no in Ci­na e poi il rien­tro a Pa­ri­gi. Qui ha ‘rein­ven­ta­to’, nel 2016, il mar­chio fon­da­to nel 1978 dal­la suo­ce­ra, Ma­rie-So­phie Ra­gue­neau, tra­sfor­man­do­lo in Ba­by&Tay­lor, un de­li­zio­so brand di ma­glie­ria per i più pic­co­li.

Va­le­rie Toyo­mu­ra-Pro­vot, who is half Ja­pa­ne­se and half Fren­ch, grew up in To­kyo, whe­re she stu­died fa­shion. She tra­ve­led ex­ten­si­ve­ly in Ra­ja­sthan, In­dia, whe­re she lear­ned the em­broi­de­ry tech­ni­ques of the Ha­ri­jin peo­ple. Af­ter a pe­riod in Chi­na, she re­tur­ned to Paris in 2016, whe­re she ‘rein­ven­ted’ the brand foun­ded in 1978 by her mo­ther-in-law, Ma­rie-So­phie Ra­gue­neau, tran­sfor­ming it in­to Ba­by&Tay­lor, a de­light­ful knit­wear brand for in­fan­ts.

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