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Ca­pi dai vir­tuo­si­smi di ma­glia in sof­fi­ce cash­me­re made in Ita­ly. Que­sto è Ca­ta­leya, pic­co­lo brand fran­ce­se lan­cia­to nel 2015 da An­ne Se­ma­de­ni, pa­ri­gi­na d’ado­zio­ne, ma per me­tà sviz­ze­ra e per me­tà ita­lia­na. Il suo dik­tat? Le tre ‘R’: ri­spet­to per i bam­bi­ni, ri­spet­to per la qua­li­tà della pro­du­zio­ne, ri­spet­to per l’am­bien­te.

Ex­qui­si­te cash­me­re knit gar­men­ts made in Ita­ly: this is Ca­ta­leya, a small Fren­ch brand laun­ched in 2015 by An­ne Se­ma­de­ni, who li­ves in Paris but is half Swiss and half Ita­lian. Her gol­den ru­le is the th­ree R’s: re­spect for chil­dren, re­spect for pro­duc­tion qua­li­ty, and re­spect for the en­vi­ron­ment.

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