VOGUE Bambini - - JUST BABY -

Il be­bè ini­zia a met­te­re i den­ti ed è in­fa­sti­di­to? Emi­ly Sun­der­land Sut­ter, ca­na­de­se re­si­den­te a Lon­dra e ma­dre di tre fi­gli, ha avu­to un’idea: crea­re una linea di gio­chi e ac­ces­so­ri tutti da mor­dic­chia­re. In si­li­co­ne ali­men­ta­re, lo stes­so usa­to per bi­be­ron e ciuc­ci, per­fet­ta­men­te si­cu­ri e su­per­sti­lo­si!

Is ba­by tee­thing and fus­sy? Emi­ly Sun­der­land Sut­ter, a Ca­na­dian li­ving in Lon­don and the mo­ther of th­ree chil­dren, got an idea: crea­ting a li­ne of toys and ac­ces­so­ries that can be nib­bled! Made of food­gra­de si­li­co­ne, whi­ch is al­so used for ba­by bot­tles and pa­ci­fiers, they’re per­fec­tly sa­fe and ul­tra sty­li­sh!

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