VOGUE Bambini - - JUST BABY -

Ave­te pre­sen­te le not­ti in cui ave­te do­vu­to ti­ra­re fuo­ri la mac­chi­na dal ga­ra­ge per far fa­re un gi­ro al neo­na­to che sem­bra ad­dor­men­tar­si so­lo in au­to? Ec­co, Ford ha crea­to Max Mo­tor Dreams, una cul­la che ri­pro­du­ce il mo­vi­men­to della mac­chi­na e ha per­si­no del­le lu­ci al LED che crea­no un ef­fet­to co­me se si pas­sas­se sot­to dei lam­pio­ni sul­la stra­da…

Do re­mem­ber the nights when you had to get the car out of the ga­ra­ge and ta­ke ba­by for a ri­de, when he on­ly see­med to sleep in the car? Well, Ford crea­ted Max Mo­tor Dreams, a crib that re­pro­du­ces the car’s mo­ve­ment and even has LED lights that crea­te an ef­fect as if it we­re pas­sing un­der street lamps…

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