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Una cul­la in le­gno di faggio e co­to­ne or­ga­ni­co, stu­dia­ta per il ri­po­so dei pic­co­lis­si­mi: man­tie­ne la curvatura na­tu­ra­le della lo­ro spi­na dor­sa­le e dà la sen­sa­zio­ne di es­se­re in un am­bien­te si­mi­le al­la pan­cia della mam­ma. Il mo­men­to del pi­so­li­no po­me­ri­dia­no (an­che dei ge­ni­to­ri…) è pra­ti­ca­men­te ga­ran­ti­to!

This hammock made of bee­ch­wood and or­ga­nic cot­ton was de­si­gned for ba­by’s slum­ber: it pre­ser­ves the na­tu­ral curve of the in­fant’s spi­ne and crea­tes the sen­sa­tion of being in mom­my’s tum­my. An af­ter­noon nap (even of pa­ren­ts) is prac­ti­cal­ly gua­ran­teed!

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