VOGUE Bambini - - JUST BABY -

INGREDIENTS FOR 4 PERSONS: For the zuc­chi­ni cream:

200 g fi­ne­ly sli­ced zuc­chi­ni 300 ml wa­ter 20 ml ex­tra-vir­gin oli­ve oil

For the amaretto coo­kies:

110 g pee­led al­monds 70 g gra­nu­la­ted su­gar 60 g po­w­de­red su­gar 1 egg whi­te

For the gar­ni­sh:

120 g tapioca pearls, coo­ked in wa­ter


For the zuc­chi­ni cream Cook the zuc­chi­ni in wa­ter for about 15 mi­nu­tes. Re­mo­ve the zuc­chi­ni from the sto­ve, use an im­mer­sion blen­der to blend the zuc­chi­ni, pass the cream th­rou­gh a sie­ve. Add ex­tra-vir­gin oli­ve oil to sea­son.

For the amaretto coo­kies Toa­st the pee­led al­monds in the oven at 150 de­grees C. Fi­ne­ly chop the al­monds in the food pro­ces­sor wi­th the gra­nu­la­ted and po­w­de­red su­gar. Sift the mix­tu­re and add the egg whi­te. Mix well. Form a smoo­th ball, co­ver wi­th pla­stic film and let it sit in the re­fri­ge­ra­tor over­night. Form small balls and ba­ke in a 150 de­gree C oven for 20 mi­nu­tes. Re­mo­ve the coo­kies from the oven and let them cool.

For the gar­ni­sh Pla­ce the cream in glas­ses and gar­ni­sh wi­th the tapioca and crum­bled amaretto cookie.

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