VOGUE Bambini - - NOW KIDS -

Rin­cor­re­re i bam­bi­ni per la pro­te­zio­ne so­la­re? Pia­ce­vo­lez­za al tat­to e mas­si­mo com­fort ren­do­no que­sto mo­men­to una coc­co­la. Azione idra­tan­te im­me­dia­ta, inoltre, per i solari re­si­sten­ti all’ac­qua e al­la sab­bia, che pos­so­no es­se­re ap­pli­ca­ti sul­la pel­le ba­gna­ta. Cha­sing af­ter the kids to ap­ply their sun­screen? A plea­sant tex­tu­re and ma­xi­mum com­fort ma­ke this a cudd­ly mo­ment. The­se waterproof and sand-re­si­stant sun­screens can be ap­plied to damp skin and en­su­re in­stant hy­dra­tion.

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