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Ka­th­ryn Snell-Ryan e Ja­ni­ne McG­raw, psi­co­lo­ghe, han­no crea­to uno straor­di­na­rio gio­co che aiu­ta bam­bi­ni e ra­gaz­zi ad espri­me­re le emo­zio­ni. Ogni car­ta rap­pre­sen­ta uno sta­to d’animo e do­ve si è ve­ri­fi­ca­to. E spie­ga co­me af­fron­tar­lo. Un mo­do mol­to ef­fi­ca­ce per mi­glio­ra­re la co­mu­ni­ca­zio­ne fa­mi­lia­re su ar­go­men­ti dif­fi­ci­li co­me bul­li­smo e so­li­tu­di­ne.

Ka­th­ryn Snell-Ryan and Ja­ni­ne McG­raw are two the­ra­pists who have crea­ted an ex­traor­di­na­ry ga­me that helps chil­dren and teens ex­press their emo­tions. Ea­ch card re­pre­sen­ts a mood and whe­re it oc­cur­red, and it ex­plains how to hand­le it. This is a ve­ry ef­fec­ti­ve way to im­pro­ve com­mu­ni­ca­tion in the fa­mi­ly for dif­fi­cult to­pics li­ke bul­ly­ing and lo­ne­li­ness.

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